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29.03.2020 - 00:55 Uhr


Content-Manager Beispieleintrag

New pages for your web catalog with the Content-Editor.

This is a sample entry for the content editor including banner ads above and below the entry.

The link to this entry is displayed at the top of the header under "Sample Entry".

The content editor offers the following options:

  • HTML fully possible - knowledge in HTML is therefore an advantage.
  • Create, edit, lock and unlock entries
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • 4 different font styles for the link text e.g. Normal NormalItalic FatItalic
    and fat
  • Individual TITLE tag and description for each page
  • Menu entries in 10 different positions - two positions each in the left and right menu blocks, one in the header and three in the footer, as well as two HTML blocks on the start page
  • Additional text blocks in the center screen below the welcome text
  • External links to 6 different positions. The landing page opens in a new window.
An unlimited number of additional pages can be created and managed.




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